Parks & Greenspace

March 21, 2018

Monon Trail Parks:  There are numerous Parks located along and in the vicinity of the Monon Trail spanning across Marion & Hamilton Counties.

Originating at 1oth Street and traveling North here is a list of Parks located near the Monon Trail.

“Politically” the Monon Trail itself has been referred to as a ‘Linear Park’ at times to entice voter belief a particular candidate or elected official has made certain progress to establish additional park space.

Whether true or not, the Monon Trail is very much an ASSET to the communities located near it.


16th & Monon Trail: Judy & Frank O’Bannon Soccer Park

19th & Yandes St: JTV Hill Park

30th & Dr. Andrew J Brown: Douglas Golf Course

38th & Watson: Watson Road Bird Preserve

42nd & Monon Trail: Indiana School for the Blind, Greenspace

46th-49th & Haverford: Arsenal Park

56th & Monon Trail: Canterbury Park

61st & Broadway: Dan Wakefield Park

1500 E. Broadripple Ave: Broadripple Park

Canal Towpath & Monon Trail: Urban Park, Rest Stop

64th & Meridian: Holiday Park

65th & Monon Trail: Bill Brink Memorial Gardens, Greenspace

67th & Monon Trail: Indy Art Center: Greenspace

75th & Monon Trail: Marott Park

111th & Monon Trail: Monon Community Center

Monon Trail btwn Carmel Dr & Gradle: Kawachinagano Japanese Garden

City Center & Monon Trail: Performing Arts Center, Greenspace

Monon and Main: Carmel Arts District, Midtown & Uptown

151st & Westfield Blvd: Cool Creek Park & Nature Center

161st & Westfield Blvd: Liberty Park

175th & Dartown Rd: Quaker Park