March 21, 2016


It is simple to advertise on MononMagazine.com!

2016 RATES

There are Seven (7) Ad Pool locations:

Sidebar 2 – 6:  (Complete Longboard, Greek’s Pizzeria, Monon Media, Beer Run, JBS)

Page Topper:  (RENT THIS SPACE)

Page Footer:  (RENT THIS SPACE “as low as $999”)

NOTE:  Existing adspace is listed in parenthesis.

See:  SPONSOR Page for Sidebar 1 and additional information.

There is a BASIC RATE to be included in a “Pool”.  The pool of ads are placed onto our OpenX server and randomly serve to the ad positions as follows:

BASIC RATE (Maximum 5 Per Sidebar/Issue):

Ad Pool:  Sidebar 3-6


$699/year PPD

PREMIUM RATE (Maximum 10 Per Issue):

Ad Pool:  Page Footer / Sidebar 2


$999/year PPD

SUPER PREMIUM RATE (Maximum 10 Per Issue) :

Ad Pool:  Page Topper / Page Footer / Sidebar 2


$1499/year PPD

Premium Locations are negotiable at this time, but CANNOT be guaranteed due to the bidding process.

If your preferred location is not available, your ad will take the highest priority position available at the applicable RATE.

All RATES require a 6-month contract.

There is a 20% Surcharge for One-Time or Spot Placement (less-than 6 month term.)

Thank you.