October 17, 2016

UPTOWN EDITION: 8600 North – 13600 North

The Uptown Edition spans the Monon Trail North of 75th Street and covers 86th, 96th, 106th, 111th, and 116th Street.  North Edition picks up here.

Bordered by Meridian Hills and Williams Creek the Uptown area has a Merchant Shopping Plaza in the Nora Section that is anchored by Target and Whole Foods.  Across the way is a Kroger Supermarket.  Recent additions to this area are Sahm’s Big-Lug Brewing and a Pizza restaurant.

96th is virtually devoid of any development, however the Five Seasons, USTA and an Indy Parks Restroom & Drinking Fountain are located here.

106th is again void of development at the Monon Trail, but Homeplace located at 106th & College has a convenience store.

111th finds the Monon Center with restrooms and drinking fountain.  116th at the trail is pretty sparse, but Guilford is a short ride to the West with some food, drink and restrooms.  A shopping area is available also at Rangeline or Westfield to Blvd to the East.